I Said “Yes”, Now What?

yesSo he popped the question and you said “Yes” now what?

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed you are not alone. Not to worry just take it one step at a time and in the end you will be dancing up a storm at the wedding of your dreams.

The first month of planning is probably the most intense. There are some serious decisions to make but once that part is out of the way it will get much easier. The first thing to determine is how many guest you will be inviting. What already is what you must be thinking but many things will depend on the number of people you plan to invite. So get out the pen and paper and draft a rough list of who you will be spending your wedding day with.

If you thought the list was hard get ready to get really uncomfortable, it is time to talk money. How much money do you have to pay for the wedding?  Are other people going to contribute and if so how much?  It may seem early in the game but you cannot plan a wedding without knowing how much you plan to spend.

Now the fun begins. Once you know how many guests and how much you have to spend you can decide on a venue for both the ceremony and reception. Google is going to be your new best friend. Search for venues in the city or town you would like. Check out their websites to see if they can accommodate your guest list and are in your budget. Make a list of potential venues and book appointments to go and have a look. Once you have visited the potential locations make a list and compare what each venue offers. Make your decision and place your deposit.

You did it!! These are the three hardest tasks when wedding planning. Now the fun begins. Start yourself a pintrest board of all your favorite wedding dresses, table settings, decor, flowers and bridesmaid dresses. To book your dress shopping appointment click on Book An Appointment.

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